The Velvet Twin (5 pack)

  • 5 Two-blade disposable razors
  • Light weight for ease of carrying
  • Lubricating strip for irritation-free shaving
  • Recommended for shaving face and body 

Our Velvet Twin two-blade razor offers an extremely close shave that is guaranteed to get all the hairs. These blades have been built entirely for your convenience: they are extremely easy to clean and last far longer than any other disposable blade on the market. Smoothness is another one of our priorities, our carefully designed lubrication strip gives you the velvety smooth shave experience you deserve. To top it all off, an anti-slip handle ensures maximum control and stability to make shaving as easy as breathing. 

The Velvet Twin 5 Pack includes: 

- 5 Two-blade disposable razors

More Information
Double edge blade Double edge blade
Disposable Razor Disposable razor
Shave Foam Shave Foam
Cartridge & System Cartridge & System
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