The Femme Velvet (5 pack)

  • 5 Three-blade disposable razors 
  • Light weight handle and an ergonomic shape
  • Lubricating strip for irritation free shaving
  • Rubberized texture grip for maximum control
  • Recommended for shaving face and body 

The Femme Velvet is the best choice for her. Out of our three-blade razors, the Femme Velvet has the smoothest shave and is extremely easy to clean. 

A high-tech lubrication strip ensures that this blade lives up to the name "Velvet". The flexible hinge-head is designed for the absolute closest shave, you will never have to worry about residual stubble ever again. In addition, our slip-proof rubber handle has been engineered specifically for maximum control.

The Femme Velvet 5 pack includes:

  • 5 Three-blade disposable razors
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Double edge blade Double edge blade
Disposable Razor Disposable razor
Shave Foam Shave Foam
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