The Executive 5 Refill Cartridge (2 pcs)

  • 2 Five-blade The Executive refill cartridges
  • Flexi-hinge handle technology for maximum reach.
  • Lubricating strip for irritation free shaving
  • Recommended for shaving face, body and head

Our Executive refill pack consists of 2 five-blade cartridges with a Flexi-hinge and a lubricating strip. Our American made blades respond well to contours, ensuring that no hair is left untrimmed. Our hair-thin blades (no pun intended) are sure to give you the closest shave with less tugging and pulling than any other blade on the market. 

This razor comes complete with a Precision Trimmer on the back of the razor, perfect for getting at those hard to reach places, such as under the nose and sideburns.

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