You may use any local and/or international credit card in purchasing our items or services. We go through a third-party payment processor (the “payment processor”) when processing credit card transactions. The payment processor provides us a payment gateway which is accessed when the credit card/debit card option is used in purchasing an item or service. Therefore, you may be redirected shortly to another website in completing the purchase. Further details regarding payment using credit card will be mentioned through the payment processor’s gateway.

We also offer cash on delivery in purchasing our items or services. Once the order is placed on our website and the COD option is used, we confirm the order with the customer for verification purposes to avoid fraudulent and fake orders before passing it on to our third-party logistics partner (the “3PL”). Once the goods are delivered to the customer, upon receipt of the items/service, the customer is then required to provide the cash amount to the 3PL.

- In addition to COD, the 3PL may also offer swipe on delivery (SOD). If SOD is offered, the customer may use any credit, local or international to make the purchase. Please check with the 3PL over the phone when they call regarding delivery if this service is available if you intend to use it.

We offer Bikash through our third-party payment processor (the “payment processor”). The payment processor provides us a gateway which allows the customer to pay for his/her items using credit card or Bikash. Please follow the instructions in the gateway regarding the process in paying through Bikash.

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