Adoro Shaving Foam 200ml

  • Adoro's Triple Action Formula guarantees the best shave experience
  • Forms a pleasant, foamy lather that makes your skin feel good 
  • Extremely easy to rinse off
  • Ready to put on your face as soon as it comes out of the can, no whipping required 

Adoro Shaving foam sets itself apart from its competitors through its Triple Action Formula. Triple Action Formula is comprised of three ingredients: Jojoba, Calendula, and Eucalyptus. These three ingredients work together as a team. First, the Jojoba softens the skin and nourishes it to prepare for the shave. Secondly, Calendula conditions your skin to make sure it looks and feels good throughout the process and after. Lastly, Eucalyptus exfoliates your skin and reduces irritation so that you can have smooth, healthy skin post-shave. 

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